Birthday Girl

My little diva’s 7th birthday was Saturday. She is growing up WAY too fast…sometimes she just amazes me with the things she says, the ideas she comes up with.

She tells me she had a wonderful birthday, and that we are the “Best Parents EVER!” I so hope she still feels that way in a few years, although I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Saturday morning, we had a big family breakfast. Which, by itself, is a pretty big deal because we tend to be a cereal and pop tarts family. We also gave her our gifts then…a pink scooter (Hello Kitty), a pink cat (Webkinz), and a pink sleep mask. Those were the only three things she told me she wanted for her birthday. So I made sure to get them all! She also got a huge card (think album sized) with the Jonas Brothers on the cover…and when opened, it played music so loud it vibrated your hand. Most expensive card I have EVER bought, but it was worth it to see her grin when she opened it!

Late Saturday afternoon, the sleepover company arrived. It was just my daughter’s friend and her brother (who is my son’s friend.) Sadly, our girl’s birthday falls at a weird time…school’s out, so you can’t invite classmates to a party. School starts this week, but it’s awkward getting a party invitation the very first week of school for a kid you don’t really know…and she won’t have had time to get to know many of them that soon. And…the little girls that she was friends with last school year, we don’t know their parents either. So we lucked up when she said all she wanted was for her friend to spend the night here for her birthday. We spent 20 minutes the day before trying to pick out a cake she liked…we ended up with a small ice cream cake, which was surprisingly very good.

The rough thing is…our daughter and her friend are so much alike, it’s downright scary. Even her friend’s mother says the same thing. They were both handfuls the entire time. I tried to keep them occupied as much as I could, painting their nails and putting glitter polish over the colors they chose, putting together princess puzzles, watching movies. But they completely wore me out. The boys, for the most part, did their own thing…when the girls weren’t harassing them.

It’s a good thing they live nearby, because their mom had to bring a couple things they’d forgotten to pack. Before she’d gotten here, we’d already started the kids’ showers. She was about to leave when we heard a huge crash in the back of the house. We all sprinted back there and found both girls in our bathroom…they were spraying a de-tangler on their hair, in our bathtub, and somehow knocked my Mikasa crystal vase (one of our wedding gifts) off the windowsill. The vase landed in the floor of the bathtub, shattering into a hundred pieces.

My first impulse was to make sure neither girl had any cuts on them from the glass. But I won’t lie…my next impulse was to pitch a fit about my broken crystal vase. I held it in…I only screamed in my head. The poor girl was shaking like a leaf and apologizing over and over, so I just hugged her and told her it was okay, that was a just a very old vase. Sigh.

We sent the kids to bed around 10 pm. The boys finally went to sleep around 11 or so…which is when JB and I went to bed. Unfortunately, the girls were absolutely NOT sleepy, and kept talking and giggling and banging on the walls. JB and I took turns going in and telling them to get to sleep…until about 1 am, when JB told them he was camping out in the hallway to keep them quiet. And he did, until around 2 am, when they were at last asleep and he came back to bed. Naturally, the girls were up at the butt crack of dawn Sunday morning.

I know my daughter is getting to the age when she’s going to want sleepover company all the time. And I hate that, because I can’t stand sleepovers. Having to handle somebody else’s rambunctious kid in addition to my own? Missing sleep because I can’t get them to go to sleep, but I don’t dare close my eyes until they are because they might get up and destroy the house? Yeah. Not a fan.


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