Stop the Rollercoaster, I Want Off!

I recently posted an update on my Google+ (and Twitter,  I think) that life was seriously kicking my butt these days.  I didn’t post this to my Facebook,  however,  because I knew that would likely open up a firestorm of comments from my family.

So,  in reference to the last post about work:  I’m down to my last week working in L&D.  And I have to admit,  I’m getting the hang of most of it,  and it’s not quite as horrible as it was.  That said…I still don’t like it,  and will likely throw a huge celebration when this week is over.  Okay,  not really.  But I will be insanely happy about it.

Then there’s the usual,  woe-is-me pity party that I’m having every time I get the house super clean,  and coming home from work and finding it trashed after just one night.  It’s truly ridiculous how messy my family is…and the kids are definitely not the worst ones.

In other family related news:  my brother is still getting divorced,  I suppose.  Unfortunately,  she’s dragging her feet on getting it done.  I had a LONG phone call with my little bro recently,  and I told him he was being a hell of a lot nicer than I would be in this situation.  I’m amazed he’s keeping his head about it,  really…his temper is way worse than mine,  and mine is pretty bad.  I have my suspicions about possible reasons she suddenly wanted this divorce,  and I hope I’m wrong…but I’m not the only one who is wondering about it.  He has deleted her from his Facebook (gasp! the dreaded relationship status change!)  I haven’t yet,  mostly because I’m just watching for any smack she might think she wants to talk.

I also just found out that my dad is leaving for some podunk town in Pennsylvania for a work related thing…for 6 freaking months.  He’s flying out Sunday.  Talk about short notice,  huh?  We thought this was happening a couple months ago,  but nothing ever came of it…and it was also originally just 3 months.  As much as I hate him being gone for that long,  especially for my mom,  the good news is that they will fly him home every other weekend,  and the salary for this particular venture is almost double what he’s getting now.  That means,  he’ll be able to pay off the house renovation (that dragged on so long and went quite over budget) and then retire.  Again.

My husband is cleaning out his office this week.  His company is doing a lot of restructuring lately,  and his position was changed.  So he can now do a lot of his work from home.  This is both good and bad,  really.  Good,  because he’ll be here when the kids get home,  his schedule will be pretty flexible,  and he won’t have to fight the traffic to and from work every day.  Bad,  because for the time being,  I’m still working night shifts and trying to sleep during the day…and I’m a pretty light sleeper.  We are actually trying to work out a plan to close in part of our garage (we don’t use it for anything but storage anyway) and turn it into either an office for him or a sleep room for me.  We are leaning towards it being a sleep room,  because it will be closed off from the rest of the house and he can work and not worry about waking me up.  Knowing myself,  I’ll likely fix it up a bit so it can also be a room I can hang out in at night when I’m awake and don’t want to wake the family up.  It’s going to take a lot of work,  though…for one thing,  my husband has junked the garage up so bad with all his tools and crap it will probably take us two days just to clear that stuff out.  Then there’s the logistics of building a somewhat temporary wall that will work for what we need but can be taken down easily when we want to sell this place.  (We want to be able to “sell” the garage space”…we actually looked at a house here that was great,  but we didn’t want it because the guy had permanently walled off half the garage for his weight room.)

There’s other stuff going on too,  this is just the stuff fit to print. Smile


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