The Great Pumpkin Patch

We finally managed a trip to the pumpkin patch this past weekend.  Very late in the month,  I usually like to go early or mid-October so we can carve our pumpkins before Halloween.  Alas,  between me working weekend shifts and the boys attending different Scout functions,  and the place being closed on Sundays…well,  it just didn’t work out.

I still prefer the pumpkin patch we went to back home,  for the simple fact that there are far more great photo spots scattered around.  I don’t feel like I got many good pictures this year because there just wasn’t much there.  Plus,  it was cold and windy all day,  and almost every picture of me I was sporting a red nose,  and my daughter’s hair was flying in her face the whole time.

I know this place is still growing,  but I’m thinking next October I’m just going to have to plan a trip home and squeeze in a punkin patch visit!

Holiday Farms Pumpkin Patch


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