This is Halloween

The bad news:  I had to work Halloween night,  so no Trick-or-Treating for me.  Instead,  I get to raid the candy pumpkins at night when they are asleep.  Bahaha!

The good news:  I was able to get the kids ready before leaving for work.  For my daughter,  this included curling her hair and a tiny touch of makeup in addition to unsuccessfully hunting down the stuffed dog we planned to use as Toto.

Toto the chihuahua

What?  You didn’t know Toto was actually a chihuahua?  Hey,  I made it work with what I had.  And I have decided that there must have been a bunch of Dorothy’s running around this Halloween and maybe their moms got to the picnic baskets before I did…because I went to four stores and never saw one single picnic basket.  So her dog was toted around in an old basket I found in the garage.  She didn’t care!

My Dorothy

From what I understand,  my son absolutely loathed his costume…specifically,  the mask.  I don’t know why he even wants costumes with masks,  he always hates them.  But it was what he wanted,  and I never even saw the costume before his dad bought it.  (The store was crazy busy,  so I handled little Dorothy and he got the boy’s costume.  Anyhoo,  he ended up ditching the costume very early in the night.  I just think he suddenly decided he was too old for trick or treating and didn’t want to tell us.  At least I snapped a couple pictures of him while he was wearing it.  Le sigh.

Demon Biker...or something

So how was your Halloween?


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