I mentioned recently that my father is in Pennsylvania for about 6 months for a job related thing.  He just left Sunday,  so he’s got a long time to go still.

Tuesday morning,  I got off work a little late (gotta love change of shift deliveries),  and as I was driving home JB called to remind me of my son’s eye doc appointment.  I had completely forgotten about it…the plan had been for me to meet him at the office and take him myself,  but luckily JB said it was no problem for him to go.  So I came on home,  jumped in the shower,  and proceeded to drop a full bottle of shampoo on my foot.  Lovely bruise now.

Obviously,  I was having a less than stellar morning.  I checked my cell phone as I was eating breakfast,  and saw a text from my brother.  He was at the ER with our mother,  who had somehow taken a tumble down the steps of their back deck when she took the dog out before going to work.  I had horrible images in my head,  because my parent’s deck is almost 6 feet off the ground at the part where the steps are,  so there’s quite a few steps!  It was still a bit dark at the time,  and even with the outside light on,  you can’t see most of the steps.  As it turns out,  she made it all the way to the very last step,  and just missed that one…and hit the ground.  She managed to hobble back up the steps,  and call my brother.

They were at our hometown ER….which pretty much sucks,  no point in mincing words here.  I told my brother to make very sure they X-rayed her foot and ankle,  which he’d told me was VERY swollen and already turning purple.  No,  I really shouldn’t have had to say that…but I know how some of those doctors are there.  I also reminded him that Mama can’t take certain pain medications,  so he’d know to ask what they might give her.

The x-ray was done,  and the ER doctor sent her home with a diagnosis of a seriously sprained ankle,  he gave her a boot to wear,  and a prescription for pain meds.  Several hours later,  they called her to tell her the radiologist saw pieces of bone that he suspects were broken off when the ligament twisted.  So they got her scheduled with an orthopedic doctor on Wednesday morning.

I called her to see how she was doing,  which is when I learned what the radiologist said.  I asked if my brother was going to drive her there.  My crazy mother actually said,  “Nah,  I can probably just take the boot off and drive myself.”  People,  she hurt her RIGHT foot,  the one she would have to press the pedals with,  and Heaven forbid she have to slam on brakes with her potentially fractured foot!  I told her that I would call my brother,  my dad (who at this point still didn’t know what had happened) and have them talk some sense into her…and when she balked at that,  I said,  “Okay,  JB’s mom is off work tomorrow,  she can drive you there.”  (My mother cannot stand my MIL.  Needless to say,  she stopped saying she would drive herself.)

I then called my brother and informed him of our mother’s hardheaded plan.  He told me not to worry,  he’d handle it,  and he’d already picked up some solar lights to install on the deck steps.

I know my mom misses my dad…but I think this was an extreme way of trying to get him home early!!


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