The Weekend in Review

This was the first weekend in a while that I was completely off work all three days!  Needless to say,  we took advantage of it.

Thursday evening,  we met up with an old friend of ours for dinner.  She was in town for a conference,  and we hadn’t seen each other in ages,  so we made plans.  Funny thing is,  she went to high school with JB,  and we hated each other (because there were rumors she liked my then-boyfriend);  then she went to college with me and apparently I grew up and we became friends.  Weird how that happens,  huh?  Anyway,  we met at one of our favorite restaurants.  The food was awesome.  The service?  Not so much.

Friday,  JB and I mostly cleaned out the garage for our upcoming transformation.  If you’d ever seen our garage,  you’d know what an enormous undertaking this was.  My husband has amassed the largest collection of tools any man could ever want,  and he is quite fond of placing them on every available surface in the garage.  Nevermind that he has an entire storage building in the back yard supposedly dedicated to this stuff.  What?  Me,  nag?  Never.  I also spent a good chunk of my Friday switching out all our winter/summer clothes and bagging up a TON of stuff for Goodwill.

Saturday,  we got to work.  Our plan was to put up a wall in our garage to turn 3/4ths of it into a small room.  At the time we decided to do this,  we weren’t sure if we were going to turn it into an office for JB (since he’s working from home now) or a little sleep room for me.  It only took a few days of him being home and waking me up several times a day and dragging my tail at work all night for me to quickly decide that I needed the sleep room.  He was trying not to wake me up,  but this isn’t a big house,  and I’m a light sleeper.

So we framed the wall,  put up sheets of drywall,  built a small workaround for the garage opener doohickey,  and then today,  JB put the stuff on the drywall and installed the door.  Unfortunately,  the cool weather made the stuff slow to dry,  so he wasn’t able to get the wall sanded yet.  I’m still undecided what color I want to paint in there;  I’m also undecided if I want a daybed with a trundle or a double bed.  If it was just me,  a twin bed would be fine…but this could also be a room our family members could sleep in when they visit,  so I’d like it to be able to accommodate two people when needed.  For the moment,  we have a nice space heater set up in there,  and it actually keeps it pretty warm.  Later on,  he’s looking at window a/c units,  since we included the window in the room.  If we keep the room set up this way,  eventually we can have the ducts rerouted and a vent installed in there.  It’s a sturdy wall,  but it can also be easily removed should we decide to move and want to be able to have a full garage again for any potential buyers.

No pics yet,  as it’s currently just an ugly spackly drywall and a lot of junk in boxes Smile

Funny how I had it in my head earlier Sunday that I really hadn’t gotten much done this weekend…but I really did!


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