Patch or Glasses?


My little man had his one year follow-up with his eye doctor last week.  Hard to believe that he’s been wearing his glasses for over a year now!

When he first got the glasses,  he did so great!  He wore them all the time,  and he adjusted so well to them.  Things were going so good,  in fact,  that the eye doctor told him at his 3 month follow-up appointment that he would likely wear them until age 11 or 12,  and at that point they could re-evaluate the need for them.

Unfortunately,  he has come to the point,  as I knew he eventually would,  where he hates wearing his glasses…and we are constantly having to remind him to put them back on.  I don’t think it’s that they bother him or that kids pick on him about them or anything like that.  I think he’s just tired of them.  I can stay on him about it at home,  but I can’t remind him “Put on your glasses!” all day at school.

Well…his recent refusal to wear them consistently has led to some undesirable results.  His intermittent exotropia in the one eye is not looking as good as it was after he started wearing the glasses.  The doctor gave him two options:  either he wear the glasses as much as possible 24/7 (taking them off ONLY for sleep or recess times)  or he wears a patch over his good eye for 6 months.  Needless to say,  the patch idea did NOT sit well at all with my 10 year old.  I can’t say I blame him for that.  He,  of course,  has opted to do better with the glasses.

He goes back to the eye doctor for another follow-up in January to see how he’s progressing.  I worry the patch might be suggested again,  and if it’s what is needed then I’ll agree to it.  I hate it,  because I can only imagine how that will make him feel wearing that at school.  But who knows?  Maybe I can get him some cool pirate looking patch and kids will think he’s just plain awesome.


Image: Michelle Meiklejohn /


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