Before My Very Eyes

We took our daughter to a birthday party recently,  for a little girl who lives right down the street.  I don’t know exactly how long the girl has lived here,  but I do know I only started hearing about her riding the bus home with the kids in the last couple months or so.  Since my daughter seemed to be doing all the talking about her,  I guess I assumed the child was around her age.

Well…you know what they say about assuming things.

The girl has just turned 10 years old.  Yep,  she’s actually my son’s age,  and 3 years older than my daughter.  That bothered me for a minute,  and had me wondering why this girl would want to hang around with my 7 year old kid?  I have since decided the girl doesn’t really “act” like she’s 10.  I’m not saying she’s immature,  but I get the feeling she hasn’t had much social interaction with friends before.

Saturday afternoon,  our phone started ringing.  It was the girl,  calling to see if our daughter could come over and play at her house.  Since we were knee deep in lumber and sheet rock,  we let her go over there for a little while.  Eventually,  my son rode his bike there to check up on her.

Sunday afternoon,  as I was turning on our street after my trip to the grocery store,  I saw a little group of girls walking down the street.  I knew right away that the little short one was my daughter,  and I knew they were going to the girl’s house again.

I actually stopped in the road for a moment,  before turning in my driveway.  For a few seconds I felt like my heart had just dropped.  My BABY was walking down the street on her way to a friend’s house. This can’t be right!

I don’t know why I feel so weird about this.  She’s 7.  She’s the same age her brother was when I used to let him walk to his friend’s house down the street.  I was okay with that,  although I fully admit to standing at the dining room window watching until he got to his buddy’s house.  Is it because I’m not as familiar with this family?  Is it because the girls my daughter is now so excited to play with are both three years older than she is?  Is it because I still don’t feel like she’s nearly as mature for this age as her brother was?  Or is it me just being irrational about my baby growing up?


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