Long Time No See!

I’ve been thinking about blogging again for a little while now. I miss having the outlet for getting all of my jumbled thoughts out of my head. I attempted paper journaling for a bit, but could never remember to do it. Weird, huh? I guess I just got so used to doing it this way.

So what’s been going on in the months that I’ve been gone?

Hm. Well, I’ve been working. A lot. At night. To say that I pretty much live in a constant state of exhaustion is an understatement. There are times I like being back in the work force, and there are times when I really miss my SAHM days. I go back and forth quite a bit. I haven’t yet seemed to find a happy medium. Our house is always chaotic and there never seems to be nearly enough time for me to get things done. I actually plan to go part time this summer; it’s only one night less a week, but it’s one more night that I’m home with my family, and one more day I’m not losing by sleeping it away. I’m just counting down the weeks until this change happens.

I hurt my back in February, and started regularly seeing a chiropractor. Originally I had to see her three times a week, then I spent a while going twice a week…I’ve just “graduated” to weekly visits. My back isn’t quite 100% better yet, but the chiro visits are definitely helping a lot. I still have to really pay attention to how I’m moving, especially when I’m at work…otherwise, it doesn’t take long before I’m in pain again.

JB has been working from home since November. This is a plus in many ways, but sometimes it has its downsides. He gets easily frustrated after the kids get home from school, and this is one of the reasons I’m cutting back to part time this summer. I’ve had enough of feeling guilty for not being able to do it all like I used to.

Our son celebrated his 11th birthday in February. I’m already seeing a LOT of pre-teen tendencies in him, and I’m not sure I like it! Our daughter is already planning her 8th birthday party, months in advance. About a month ago, after a meeting with her teachers and speech therapist, her speech therapy was classified as special education. I’d be lying if I said I really understood exactly why, and it seems a little much for a kid who has trouble saying R sounds. But they felt it was what needed to be done, for more intensive work; I just wish I could see that it was working.

My mom has been having major health issues this year. It actually started in the fall, when she took a tumble down the deck stairs, almost breaking her foot. She tore some ligaments and had to wear an air boot for a while. A couple months ago, she had a TIA (mini stroke), and after tons of tests, it was finally determined that instead of a blockage, she actually had a tear in her carotid artery. By the time she was having the procedure to determine the severity of this, the tear was already healing itself. (now I wonder if when she fell down the stairs she might have done that damage and we never knew it. But I guess we won’t ever really know that.) And then Easter Sunday, she spent the entire day in the emergency room…and the next day, she was in surgery having her gall bladder removed. She’s back home now, recovering nicely.  I just hope she’s on the upswing health wise.

My dad finished up his work assignment in Pennsylvania, a few weeks early thanks to my mom’s health issues. Sometimes I joke around with her that she was really just trying to get Daddy back home.

My brother’s divorce was finalized in January. From all appearances, I can’t remember the last time I saw him so happy. I guess that just shows what a truly toxic marriage can do for a person.

The in-laws are the same, for the most part…but my SIL did just recently get engaged to her boyfriend of several years, and we like him…so that’s good news.

And…we adopted a Beagle puppy recently. At this time, he is about 9 weeks old. I’m writing this coming off an entire weekend of having him on my own, and whereas I’m normally gushing over how cute and sweet he is…this weekend I’m frustrated beyond belief with him. I’m sure it will pass and I’ll be going on and on about how my puppy is the cutest thing ever soon.

So that’s the update and happenings around this way ;)


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