The 13th Year

So today marks the day that we were married, thirteen years ago. Sadly, I’m scheduled to work tonight…and he has the weekly Scout meeting to run. I guess that’s what you get when your anniversary falls on a Tuesday!

We had a great weekend, though, as an early anniversary celebration. My parents came up for a visit, and my mother and I made our first trip to The Lucas Theatre to see a showing of Gone With The Wind. We are both huge fans of the movie, the book, everything. She saw the movie on the big screen a long time ago as a little girl, and I’ve only ever seen it on television. My mom has Scarlett and Rhett dolls, a huge framed movie poster hanging in her living room, and a curio cabinet FULL of the Keepsake ornaments that come out every year. Me, I’ve just read the book a dozen times, and watch the DVD version of the movie that my husband gave me for Christmas several years ago. Being in the theater was awesome. It was absolutely beautiful inside, and I personally can’t wait to go back. Even though I’ve seen the movie so many times, seeing the movie on a big screen was amazing.

Saturday evening, my parents offered to babysit for us so we could go out for an actual adult night out! Who am I to pass that up? It’s been ages since we had a real date night. Since it was so last minute, we ended up just getting dinner and seeing a movie (House At The End of The Street…I recommend you wait for the DVD.) But it made me realize, we definitely need to try to get out more on our own.


[Edited to add: On a whim, I said that I wouldn’t mind being called off work tonight if things were slow, because of it being our anniversary. Amazingly, I was! Not that we did anything particularly special, but it was nice being able to spend the evening with our family.]



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