Jackson is our 7 month old Beagle puppy. Even though he is a handful, can get wildly hyper at times, and occasionally makes me want to pull my hair out…we all adore him.

Jacks is a full blooded Beagle, AKC registered, all that. We’ve been told numerous times that we should consider breeding him. While we have already discussed the future possibility of bringing another Beagle pup into our family someday, I’m truly not interested in the headache of breeding puppies.

Jackson in the CONEWith that said…Jackson got his, um, little procedure done yesterday. It went well enough…he got his IV fluids, and a bottle of a few pain pills that we have to give him twice  a day for a bit. Poor little guy, when my husband brought him home, he was visibly stoned…he was wearing his cone, and just stood there in front of the door like he didn’t know where he was.

I sat down in the floor with him for a while. He plopped his coned head in the bend of my elbow, the top part of his body in my lap, and his bottom half still standing…he stayed in that position for about 10 minutes! I finally decided to take the cone off, and set him up beside me on the couch (on his zebra blankie, of course…he is shedding big time lately.) I spent the rest of the afternoon with him pretty much passed out on me.

Aside from when one of us can’t keep an eye on him, he’s been mostly cone-free. He gets it back on at bedtime, of course. He really hasn’t acted like he’s in much pain at all, thank goodness.

So much for his manhood, I guess…


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