Man Hunt

My husband is the Scoutmaster for my son’s Boy Scout troop. One of the many things they do is go camping once a month.

We won’t even get into the fact that these monthly camping trips drive me batty, because 1) I have to arrange my whole work schedule around these weekends, 2) I am the sole person responsible for my high strung daughter and the hyperactive dog (who always seems to have shots/surgeries right before someone leaves me alone with them for an entire weekend), 3) I really, really don’t like being home alone (the 8 year old and the puppy don’t count.), and 4) the cleanup required in my house the day the boys come home from said camping trips is ridiculously massive.

Oh. I guess I got into it, huh…sorry!

Anyhoo. This past weekend (yes, coincidentally right on the heels of Jackson’s snip snip) was one of their scheduled camping excursions. I’ll be honest, I’m not a camper. I did tag along for one campout a couple years ago, but after spending two nights freezing my tail off and having no access to decent plumbing, I quickly decided I’m an indoor girl. I often don’t even bother to find out where they are camping until a few minutes before the boys leave…at which time I ask them about how long it should take for them to get there so I know when to expect a phone call. Sadly, many times my husband tells me where they are going, and I’m so geographically challenged, I still have no clue where they’re going. This was one of those times.

So when I saw the local news station blurb about a search for a scumbag who committed an awful crime a couple days earlier, I really didn’t think much of it…the place they were looking for this guy was about two hours away from here. My husband called to chat around 9 pm, and while we weren’t on the phone but for a few minutes, he didn’t mention anything about it to me. I found out much later that at that time they were all watching the helicopter fly around looking for the suspect. (They didn’t know that at the time.)

I finally dozed off around midnight. Around 1 am, my phone rang. In my stupor, I pressed ‘decline’ instead of ‘accept’…and then panicked to call my husband back. Middle of the night calls are never a good thing, right? He was calling to tell me that they were all back in our town, and a few minutes from home…so if I heard someone entering the house not to freak out. Yeah…good way not to freak me out.

They got home, and our son was still weirded out about it…so he slept in our room. He was the only one who managed sleep, because we sure didn’t. I read an update to the story today, and the police did catch the guy after a two hour standoff that, from what I understand, didn’t really happen until daylight. My husband has told me that the guy ditched his car less than a quarter of a mile from where they were camping, and was hiding out in the surrounding woods. I shudder to think about my boys out there all night, but thankfully, the land owner had the foresight to tell the neighbors a Boy Scout troop would be there over the weekend…so one of those neighbors made sure to tell our Scouts about the situation. He was even willing to let all the boys crowd their sleeping bags in his house for the night, but the troop leaders didn’t feel comfortable leaving tents (a.k.a possible hiding places), so they hurriedly packed everything up and hit the road.

Today, my son is still talking nonstop about the story…I even caught him embellishing it a bit, by saying the guy was roaming around in the woods less than 100 feet away from them with an AK47. Um…really??

They’ve had to cut trips short due to inclement weather…but never for something like this!


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