My Social Butterfly

My Social ButterflyThe last couple of weeks in parenting have been trying ones.

Probably ever since she has been in school, Diva has had trouble adjusting to changes in her routine. Oh, who am I kidding? She’s been like that since birth. But the sticky situation in the present time is school related.

Last week, she got in trouble at school three out of five days. One of those days, she got in BIG trouble because she just decided to walk out of the classroom. She claims she thought the teacher said she could go to the library, but from what I understand, she neither asked the teacher, nor did she get a pass to go to the library.

We had a long talk with her that weekend, and when she went back to school she did better. She stayed on a 3 for a few days. (that’s a good thing.) But then yesterday, she came home yet again, on a level 1, because she got in trouble for talking in class. Not once, but TWICE during the day.

My daughter is truly a social butterfly. She inherited that trait from her father, definitely not her introverted mother! The truth is, I’m glad she’s not shy, and I’m happy that she speaks her mind.

However, the powers that be tend to frown upon socializing in class. And that seems to be what my sweet girl wants to do lately, without caring if the teacher is talking. In Kindergarten and First Grade, I was shocked to see one day while I was visiting the school that Diva’s desk was separated from all the others…she spent those two school years sitting either right against the teacher’s desk or facing the wall.

She’s done much better (for the most part) the last couple years.

However…we go through this every January. It’s like the Christmas break just makes her snap; her routine pretty much goes out the window, and she’s not having to follow school rules and such for almost three weeks. Then all of a sudden, we throw her back in school and she is expected to pay attention in class, keep up with her homework, read for a certain amount of time a day, take AR tests, and do all this while keeping her mouth shut. And usually, the entire month of January she finds 75% of this impossible.

I’m at a loss of what to do, short of taking away privileges. So far, she’s lost her computer and TV time, her radio, after school play with friends, and she missed cheerleading practice last night.

As usual, my mother thinks we are being way too hard on her. It’s funny to me how this stuff was okay with her when I was a kid, but when it involves her angelic granddaughter, it’s suddenly TOO MUCH.


6 thoughts on “My Social Butterfly

  1. I am concerned that my boy is going to have trouble in school in this area. I know he’s only 2.5 right now, but he goes to a half-day preschool program two days a week and he is always getting put in time out. Granted, it’s for things like taking away toys from other kids, hitting, ya know, the usual toddler stuff. But he also can’t sit still. And sometimes he runs his mouth incessantly. I can see what his school future looks like and I’m nervous!

    I don’t pretend to know the answers but I just know that some kids have difficulty with so much structure. I read some research that says boys don’t have the capability/maturity in going to modern-day school until they are EIGHT. And since I can’t homeschool, I don’t know how in the world he’s going to cope for the three years before he turns Eight.

    I hope the coming weeks allow her to settle in better, both for her AND you!

    • Thanks girl! She had always been a handful but she seemed to mature a lot between 6 and 8. I wish I could figure out what is going on with her right now.

      I have no experience with rambunctious boys…mine was so laid back, and was too scared to act up in school! (He is still that way!)

      • Wow. I love so much about Little Dude’s “exuberance” (for lack of a better word), I am just the total opposite of him and don’t know how I’m going to deal with it in the future. Sounds like Diva and Little Dude would get along great! Haha.

      • They probably would 😉 He’d probably get tired of her bossing him around…she’s very prone to doing that! She is so unlike me it’s scary…my son is like my mini-me in almost every way though.

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