The Star Runner

At the beginning of this school year, my son announced that he wanted to be on the track team. I admit to being a little excited to hear him say that, because I was on the track team when I was in school and I loved it. At the same time, however, I knew it wasn’t really time for track season.

Then he announced that he wanted to do cross country running. You could have knocked me down with a feather. Long. Distance. Running. Say what??

I was primarily a short distance runner when I was in school. And as much as people couldn’t believe it, I ran hurdle events the best. I guess because I was so short, it was apparently strange that I could easily jump hurdles almost as tall as I was with ease. The longest distance I ever ran in my day was the 1600 meter race.

My kid was talking about doing 5K running! I truly hoped he understood the difference, and we let him sign up for the cross country running club. It wasn’t long before he signed up for his first 5K run. He crossed that finish line 1st in his age group! He was so happy. He has since done two more 5K runs, and he’s done equally as well in those. At the end of the cross country season party, his coach gave him a certificate proclaiming Monkey the school’s “Next Big Thing”. He has proudly hung that on his wall, along with the bib from his first 5K (featuring his run time.)

5K Runner

Last week, every day after school, Monkey had tryouts for the middle school track team. I guess I was surprised that they were having tryouts, and eventually some kids wouldn’t make the cut. When I was that age, if you wanted to participate in a sport, you just…did. But anyhoo. He did very well during the daily tryouts, and placed first the day they did the mile run. He was so worried that he wouldn’t make the team because he’s a 6th grader.

And then Friday afternoon, our boy came home so excited he could barely speak…he’d been chosen to be on the school track team! Fourteen 6th graders tried out, only three made the team. I am so proud that he was one of them!

He doesn’t yet know what events he will be doing, but he suspects he’ll (naturally) be doing a good bit of the long distance running for the team. Practice starts Monday afternoon! JB and I scrolled through our shared calendar with our work schedules, appointments, Scouting events, and the kids sporting events…and let’s just say we are going to be extremely busy for the next few months, and we don’t even have dates for his track meets! Le Sigh.


4 thoughts on “The Star Runner

  1. That’s the beauty of a small town–everyone still makes the team. You just might not participate in every competition. I was on the tennis team in high school without ever being one of the players whose scores actually counted for region play. It was fun though!

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