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Cheer 7+

Back in September, Diva came home from school with a permission form for a cheerleading “camp”…which was actually held at my son’s school. The paper sat on our counter for a few days before I actually sat down and read it, and she never mentioned it.

When I finally did glance at it, I asked if it was something she’d be interested in. She said she really wanted to do it, but she was afraid to ask us. (Lie. This child is not afraid of anything.) I immediately signed the form, and wrote out the check for the camp fee…because JB and I had been talking about wanting to get her involved in something to channel some of her energy.


So she did the cheer camp day…learned some cheers and a group dance, and that was about it. But it sparked her need to keep doing it! Her school doesn’t have a cheerleading team, but the middle schools do have teams. I didn’t want her to wait three years, so we checked around to see what we could find.

We decided to sign her up for youth cheer at our local YMCA. Yes, there’s a competition cheer group nearby, but Diva’s never done this before so I thought this would give her a good start.

One thing I have learned about myself during this cheer season…I suck at fixing my child’s hair. Sadly, she has my super straight, baby fine hair, so it’s sometimes difficult to make it lay flat when it’s pulled back unless I shellac it to her head with an entire can of hair spray. And even then, extra pins or barrettes are a must because we are still trying to grow out the layers the hairstylist had to use to blend in Diva’s attempt at a self cut a while back. And I do not tie a pretty bow with multiple ribbons. I’m a disgrace to cheer moms everywhere.

(but for a really good laugh, the sight of her with crazy bouffant hair after she takes her ponytail down is priceless.)


The first few times I watched her at practice, all I could think about was how terribly uncoordinated my girl was! She did, after all, inherit her gracefulness from me (along with her stick straight thin hair.) And that’s a sad, sad thing! But the more she practiced, the better she got.

And then it was time for them to learn a few “stunts”.

My daughter is TINY. She is one of the two smallest girls on the team. So who do you think was chosen to be one of the team flyers? Yep. My itty bitty girl. The first time I watched two other young girls lift my baby up in the air, I literally couldn’t breathe. They aren’t doing much more than that yet, but I still get nervous every time. So nervous, that apparently this is the *only* photo I have taken so far of her doing her thing…video, I’ve managed, but I can guarantee you I’m barely breathing while I film it.


In March, we can sign her up for the YMCA’s Cheer-nastics season. From what I understand, they learn a lot more tumbling, stunts, and jumps. She wants to do it, and I so want her to be able to do it…but unfortunately, I might have to be the meanest mommy in the world if she doesn’t start behaving better at school, and say No Way.

I’m not above bribery, y’all.


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