The Jackwagon


Our sweet Jackson will be a year old this month. It doesn’t seem like he’s been with us that long!

Comments overheard recently in our home:

JB, to Jackson, as he is scraping leftovers into the trash…and Jackson is preparing to jump up and attempt to snatch something: “Jackwagon, I will so SHANK YOU!”

Later, the same night…and I’m not even totally sure what this one means: “Jackson, if you jump on me again, I will totally stomp a mudhole in your &*^.”

Not long after that was said, Jackson is in his doggy bed. JB says this: “Just FYI, I would NOT let Jackson lick you in the face…he just licked his butt, and he was getting in there pretty good.”

Y’all. JB really does love our dog. I promise! Everything he said was in loving jest. And oh boy, does Jackson ever love my husband!

This dog has a bit of a laundry obsession. Well, not so much laundry…mostly just SOCKS. I can’t tell you how many times I have been putting clothes into the washing machine, or transferring them to the dryer, and that little sneak quietly steals a sock and makes a run for it. We don’t lose socks to the dryer monster in this house…we lose them to the dog!

And don’t you dare leave a pencil anywhere that he can reach. Because he will chew it to bits.

And JB learned the hard way to never leave a wallet with a corner of a dollar bill sticking out the top…because Jackson will manage to pull it out and shred it. He doesn’t discriminate between $1 bills or $10 bills, it’s all the same to him.

As crazy as this little Beagle makes us sometimes, we still adore him. I can’t even begin to imagine not having him around!

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