You take the good, you take the bad…


Next week starts a big change for me.

I wrote recently about this change in my job. It’s not happening exactly as I had planned it to, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you’ve just got to roll with the punches sometimes and let things play out however they will.

On the one hand, I’m so excited about transferring to this new unit. It’s what I’ve always done, it’s what I love, it’s what I’ve missed so much. I can’t wait to get started!

But on the other hand, for the time being I will still be working night shift. At this time, I’m scheduled for nights until the first week of April. I’m not particularly excited about this part of it, and neither is my family…but hey, at least the management will remember that I was willing to help them out in a staffing crunch, right? I have been told that it looks like I’ll go to days in April, with the next schedule. *crossing fingers*

Along with still being stuck on nights, I’ll be going back to full time hours. I cut back to part time hours last year because my body and my family life weren’t handling my crazy schedule very well at all. The job I was actually hired for (days) is full time, hence the reason I’ll be working three nights a week instead of the two I’ve been doing since last summer. Yes, I know some people are probably appalled that I can’t handle working three measly nights a week…but when you aren’t physically or mentally a night shift person, it really takes a toll on your life in a multitude of ways. I’m just praying that I can get through the next 8 weeks working full time nights without flipping out, or my family hating my guts because I’m such a grump all the time.

With the transfer, I thought I would be getting away from having to take on call shifts. Well, guess what? Pretty much the entire hospital is instituting mandatory call. So that part bites…but when I get to my day shift position, hopefully that will be no big deal. I’m hearing we’ll have to sign up for 48 hours of call per schedule…so that basically works out to every other week. I’m even less excited about that. This week, I bit the bullet and signed up for my call shifts…towards the end of the schedule to get me through the orientation phase.

So there’s good mixed in with not-so-good. C’est la vie…


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