My 10 Must Have iPhone Apps!

My Favorite iPhone Apps

I admittedly was late to join the iPhone party…I didn’t get one until a year ago. But by the end of my second day with it, I was completely hooked on it. And now? I can’t imagine ever wanting to use another kind of phone!

I depend on my phone for a LOT of things these days…it’s my alarm clock, my calendar, a replacement for my ancient iPod, my shopping companion, and my entertainment on long nights of insomnia.

Allow me to share some of my favorite apps of the moment with you!

  1. Pinterest: Yes, I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest! I have completely planned all these home improvement projects (mostly for my devoted husband to do.) Recipes, tips, you name it, it’s there. Pinterest has gotten this insomniac through many long nights.
  2. BuzzFeed: This one is a newer one for me, but rarely does a day go by that I’m not scrolling through stories, cackling hysterically. (why, yes, I do tend to read the lists and funny stories more often.)
  3. Pandora Radio: At one time, I didn’t leave home without my little purple iPod. My iTunes collection was like, the soundtrack of my life. Now, my daughter carries that little purple iPod, and I just tune into Pandora. I’ve used several other radio/music apps, and Pandora is by far my favorite of them all. I even listen to it while I drive!
  4. Sleep Cycle alarm clock: Remember how I said my phone was my alarm clock? I haven’t used a traditional alarm clock in at least 5 years. The built in iPhone alarm is okay, and I use it when timing my daughter’s reading in the afternoons, and for various other things…but just before I burrow under the covers, I turn on my Sleep Cycle alarm. It wakes me up with a gentle melody (there are lots of sounds to choose from), and gives me a decent snooze time. It also gives me a sleep graph to show me how “well” I slept. I’m not always a good sleeper, and it’s crazy how accurate those graphs can get.
  5. CalenGoo: There are TONS of calendar and productivity apps out there, but the one I love is the same one that I got as a free app of the day when I had an Android phone. I’m not one to pay for a bunch of apps, but I willingly paid for this one within a few days of getting the phone. I will share more about the different ways I use this app tomorrow!
  6. Bump: I am so guilty of not using my DSLR much these days. I always have my phone with me, so it’s a snap to whip it out and take a picture of something whenever I want. But short of uploading those photos to Facebook or Instagram, or messaging them to people…what do you do with them afterwards? I used to just let them sit in the photo album on my phone. But using Bump, I choose the pictures I want to store on my laptop, and tap the spacebar…and voila! Pictures transferred to my computer. Love it 🙂
  7. Youversion Bible: I’ve used this app on three phones now! So obviously, it’s one of my favorites. Every translation of the Bible you could ask for, bookmarks, reading plans, devotionals…it has it all.
  8. Ibotta: This is my newest app, so I’m still in the “audition phase” if you will. Basically, you sign up, go through the offers and choose the ones you’re likely to buy, and then upload a picture of your receipt and you get money back for purchasing that item! They have credited my account within an hour every time I’ve done it.
  9. Flashlight – iHandy Inc.: This one is self explanatory, but you wouldn’t believe how often I use it. Coming home to a dark house because you forgot to leave the light on, digging around for something in the bottomless abyss of my purse, finding the Captain America mask of our friend’s 3 year old on Halloween night…those are just some of the ways I’ve used it. It’s pretty much awesome.
  10. Apps Gone Free: I mentioned before that I’m not really one to pay for a lot of apps. It has to be really, really good before I spend money on it! That’s why I love checking out Apps Gone Free…the number varies, but every day they offer normally paid apps for free! I’ve gotten some pretty good apps thanks to AGF.

And there you have it, my 10 must have apps of the moment! Always on the lookout for new ones…what are your must have apps?


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