It Works For Me: CalenGoo App

I shared with you yesterday my 10 must have apps of the moment. In that post, I mentioned CalenGoo, and that I use it in a few different ways. This is probably one of my most used apps on my phone at any given time.


source: iTunes App Store via AppTube on Pinterest

Yes, it’s a little pricey at $6.99, especially for a cheapo like me who doesn’t like to pay for apps! I likely would never have tried it, simply because of the price, unless I hadn’t downloaded it as a free app of the day way back when I had an Android phone. (yes, Android users, it’s available for you too!) I also have it on my Kindle Fire. I loved it so much that I convinced JB to download it, and he didn’t even bat an eyelash about both of us spending $14 on iPhone apps when we got our new phones…because it works so well for us.

Sync All Your Calendars

The beauty of this app is that it syncs up to your Google calendar (and your iPhone calendar). Both my husband and I heavily rely on our Google calendars to keep us on track. I don’t keep a set work schedule, so whenever I get a new schedule I sit right down and plug it into my CalenGoo calendar; it automatically syncs to both of our Google calendars, and when he checks his phone later, voila! He’s got my work schedule right in front of him.


source: iTunes app Store via Jewel Fryer on Pinterest

JB is the Scoutmaster for our son’s Boy Scout Troop, and they go camping one weekend every month. Because he shared the troop calendar with my Google account, it also syncs up to my CalenGoo, and when I am setting my schedule up I know which weekends to not schedule myself for.

Now with our children becoming busier with their extracurricular activities, we have cheer practices, basketball games, band concerts, track practices and meets, birthday parties, etc, all scheduled in…and both of us just have to open our app to see what’s going on for the day. (plus, daily events all show up in your pull down on your iPhone.)

Altogether, I actually have four different Google calendars, pulled into one place. It pretty much rocks.

Now for the not so traditional ways I use this app…

Meal Planning 101

I am a meal planner. I learned this during my SAHM days, and wondered why I had never done it before, because it just made life so much easier (and the grocery trips cheaper)! I used to pencil and paper it, and that worked fine enough. But then I started entering the day’s planned dinner into the calendar, complete with the page number in my recipe book and the recipe typed into the description field. On my work days, we usually have a crock pot dinner, so I plan 2-3 of those every week. For everything else, I tend to make the “events” repeat every couple weeks, so planning dinners for a month is a snap. Then the next month, I rotate them out for a new batch of recipes. Because it syncs to both our phones, whoever is doing the cooking that night knows what to take out for dinner. I have been known to skip my recipe book altogether, and just set my Kindle Fire up on the counter and read the recipe straight from there too. Smile

I discovered, quite by accident, that I could actually email my recipes to people directly from the app. This made one of my coworkers very happy, as she had been begging me for some recipes.

Editorial Calendar

Another non traditional way I’m using CalenGoo right now is as an editorial calendar of sorts. There is a plugin that does this on self hosted WordPress blogs, but since I’m not self hosting at this moment, I can’t use it. So instead, I’ve been planning out my ideas and posts in my CalenGoo! It helps me keep track of what I’ve posted or what I might want to post at a later time, and so far it’s working pretty well!

Sound off! How do you keep track of your busy life?


3 thoughts on “It Works For Me: CalenGoo App

  1. I thought I commented but my internet is weird this morning. You can share a family iTunes account and never have to double buy apps again! Justin and I have one and we use it for my old iPod touch we let Wyatt play with. It’s awesome–our phones automatically download new apps and songs when one or the other purchases them. If we don’t want it, we just delete it. Works great for us.

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