The Mighty 8th

This past weekend, my family and I toured a few museums during Super Museum Sunday. Different museums offer free admission for one day only. This is something we have participated in two of our three years of living here, and it’s such a great way to find new places to explore!

As you can imagine, after three years, we’ve already been to many of the places on the list. We love most of them, but we wanted to visit some places this year that we hadn’t yet made it to. We printed the list and gave it to each of the kids and let them pick which place they wanted to visit most.

The first place we visited that day, The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, was a place that we have driven past on the interstate hundreds of times during the last three years, but never stopped to go inside. To be honest, I only saw a brick building and a huge plane.

Mighty 8th

Mighty 8th

This was the museum that JB wanted to visit the most. We exited the interstate and followed the directions to get there…and I was stunned as we pulled in the parking lot. There was far more than what I had seen from the highway. I had NO idea the place was so enormous, and I wondered what could be inside?

We walked into a large lobby, circled by flags, various statues and busts, and topped with a ceiling that I do believe included a parachute!

The Mighty 8th, Lobby

Mighty 8th, Parachute Ceiling

We walked up and down hallways, circled around the building, got lost a few times, and were all pretty much in awe the entire time. There was so much information, and being the history fanatic that I am, I could have spent a week in there reading every last word of it.

My son was amazed by the restoration area, where they are actually restoring a B-17 plane. He was even able to peer inside some of the planes to see how they looked.

It was very crowded, and at times it was difficult to get to some of the exhibits just for the sheer amount of people looking at them. So we ventured outside to the Memorial Gardens…statues, monuments, a reflecting pool, and of course, planes!

Mighty 8th, Memorial Garden

We were a little pressed for time because the hours for the other places we wanted to visit were limited. We still spent two hours wandering around the Mighty 8th, and still felt like we didn’t have enough time there. It was amazing, and we are already making plans to go back one day when it’s not quite so crowded.

Definitely a must see museum!


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