Ready for a Break!

This has been a pretty busy week…at least it has been for me! I’m glad it’s drawing to a close and I can get a little bit of rest and relaxation this weekend…hopefully!

  • Saturday: I took Diva to her last scheduled game (and signed her up for her next round of cheerleading). We then spent a bit of time at the Boy Scouts’ Pinewood Derby, and came home to spend hours building a diorama for my daughter’s school project. Burned my fingers multiple times with hot glue, so I’d better get a freakin’ A+! We also had Monkey’s best friend spend Saturday night, and we took the kids to ride go-karts.
  • Sunday: My sweet baby boy turned 12 years old on Sunday. Time sure does fly! We went museum hopping for Super Museum Sunday, and had his annual birthday dinner of homemade lasagna and brownies for dessert.
  • Monday: I started working my new job in the new unit. I was nervous, but excited…and loved every minute of it. I’m so happy to be going back to doing what I truly loved doing…no point in settling when you’re not happy, right?
  • Tuesday: I shared my 10 must have apps for the iPhone (and some of them are on Android, too!)
  • Wednesday: I talked about the different ways I use one of my favorite apps, CalenGoo.
  • Thursday: Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing special happened here, as I was getting off work in the morning and was pretty tired (nothing new there, right?) I posted a few of my favorite pictures from the first museum we toured on Sunday, the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum.
  • Friday: Unexpected comment on a completely unrelated Facebook post last night has potentially ruined my whole weekend (which probably wasn’t going to be all that great, anyway.) My MIL says, “See ya Sunday morning”…Um, why? Turns out, they will be in the area (meaning like an hour away) and apparently have been holding on to Monkey’s birthday present so they can use it as an excuse to drop in. Nevermind that half my family won’t even BE HOME on Sunday morning. Nevermind the fact that I DON’T WANT THEM HERE and I DON’T WANT TO CLEAN MY HOUSE ALL WEEKEND FOR MY NEATFREAK MIL. I’m sorry, was I yelling?

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