Fish Tales and Nature Walks

Last weekend, my family and I toured a few museums during Super Museum Sunday. Different museums offer free admission for one day only. This is something we have participated in two of our three years of living here, and it’s such a great way to find new places to explore!

As you can imagine, after three years, we’ve already been to many of the places on the list. We love most of them, but we wanted to visit some places this year that we hadn’t yet made it to. We printed the list and gave it to each of the kids and let them pick which place they wanted to visit most.

Monkey’s choice from the long list of museums was the UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium. I suspect he initially just wanted to go there because of the association with the University of Georgia…he has something of an obsession about it. (He does have an all red, black, and white bedroom complete with tons of UGA memorabilia.)

The first thing we walked up on was a small water area with turtles…this got Diva really excited. I only saw the one, but she said there were several turtles swimming around. Prime example of missing life while taking pictures, I suppose!

UGA Marine Center, Turtle

We step inside the building and see large replicas of sea creatures, like hermit crabs and shrimp. Walking down a small ramp led us into the aquarium area, where there were numerous aquariums lining both sides of the walls, full of so many different kinds of fish. Some were very…interesting looking! But the kids had so much fun going from tank to tank, watching the fish swim around.


We made it back around to the lobby area, and JB wandered over to the admissions counter. He’d spotted a nature trail book. Give my Boy Scouts anything nature related and they are absolutely IN. So yeah, we “hiked” around a bit on the short trail. I should point out that I was wearing boots that, while super comfortable, aren’t made for HIKING of any sort, and by the time we got home my feet and my knees were aching so bad I could hardly stand it. But it was, otherwise, a lovely and picturesque walk.

I never get tired of walking out on wooden docks, looking out over rivers or marshes. And discovering little old cabins and 150 year old oak trees is just the icing on the cake.

UGA Marine Center Nature Trail


Old House

150 Year Old Oak Tree


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