Presence of Grace: O’Connor Home

Last weekend, my family and I toured a few museums during Super Museum Sunday. Different museums offer free admission for one day only. This is something we have participated in two of our three years of living here, and it’s such a great way to find new places to explore!

As you can imagine, after three years, we’ve already been to many of the places on the list. We love most of them, but we wanted to visit some places this year that we hadn’t yet made it to. We printed the list and gave it to each of the kids and let them pick which place they wanted to visit most.

Diva scanned the list of museums, and immediately said she wanted to go to ‘that Flannery’s house.’ I had no idea what she was talking about, and then when I looked at the list again, I realized she was asking to visit the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home.

I remembered that she was an author, so at first I assumed that maybe she had read one of her books. But when I scanned a list of her books, I quickly understood that she very likely hadn’t read anything written by her, and she probably just remembered hearing the name somewhere.

But whatever her reason, that was the place she chose to visit, and so we intended to go!

After maneuvering our way through the one way streets and squares of the historic district, we finally found an available parking meter and started walking to the house.

We climbed the stairs and were greeted by a man who gave us a quick overview of the house and it’s former tenant. Apparently, she trained a chicken to walk backwards! At this, Diva announced that we were trying to train a Beagle to be good. Way to volunteer there, Diva!

We walked through the house, learning about Flannery’s childhood. She seems like she was quite a character!

We made our way out to the back garden area, where Diva proclaimed everything was “just SO beautiful!” Beautiful was her word of the day, and I heard it at least 50 times in just a few short hours.

I snapped a few pictures here and there, but this is the one that I loved the most…a statue on a pedestal right center in the garden. It’s just SO beautiful!

Statue in Flannery O'Conner's Childhood Home


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