My Little Man Child

{originally posted July 2011…updated and recycled to link up with #GoingGreen at The Mommy Mess}

I think it started about a year ago…when I started looking at my son sometimes when he didn’t know I was watching him. I often think to myself, “Where did my baby go?”

I wonder the same thing about my daughter as well, as she is fast approaching her 7th birthday. But maybe because my son is the oldest, the one who first made me a mother, he catches most of my mommy reflections.

My Baby Boy

He was such a chubby baby. Now he’s all slimmed up and…he actually has abs! His once pudgy cheeks have given way to a little man’s face. He once begged to hold Mama’s hand whenever we went somewhere, now he walks with at least a foot between us. He is all about his privacy these days, and I get yelled at if I dare to walk into the bathroom while he’s taking a shower. When we moved away from our hometown he was 8 years old, he was positive his life was just OVER…now he’s practically Mr. Popularity and has all these girls fawning over him. He spends half an hour in the bathroom some mornings getting his hair just right. But then gets mad if I say he looks like Beiber.

Handsome GuyThis past weekend, I was exhausted from our trip and I had a massive migraine. Unfortunately, my husband had to leave as soon as I got back home for a business trip, so it was just me and the kids. I dozed off on the couch, and woke up to my son asking me if he could cook dinner for the three of us. Any other day, I would have probably said no, because I don’t like the idea of him using the stove without an adult in the kitchen. But I felt so horrible, I mumbled yes, thinking he was just going to put together some sandwiches or something easy like that.

Several minutes later, he appeared in front of me again, holding a plate of chips and a grilled cheese sandwich, and then I watched him take his little sister into the kitchen to eat her dinner. I don’t know how he learned to make them on the stove. I don’t remember teaching him. But my little man made dinner for the three of us when I didn’t feel well; it was delicious, and he didn’t burn the house down! I was very impressed, and couldn’t help but just keep staring at my man child the rest of the night. (and I tweeted this…)

Not A Baby Anymore

I will admit…I totally teared up. Although I can’t be 100% sure if my shining eyes were caused by the pain in my head or the thought that my first baby isn’t so dependent on me anymore.


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19 thoughts on “My Little Man Child

  1. i have 5 kids all under 9! needless to say, i have to stop to remember the oldest being a baby but it does happen and i wonder where all the time went. He is pouring his own drinks now and even that act makes me tear up! Thanks for reminding me to stop and remember

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