Love is In the Air

Thank you to everyone who commented on my “woe is me” post last week. The rough week pretty much continued into the weekend, and I’m still working my way around to replying to comments and getting caught up on reading blogs!


Despite the stress and rough patches of the week(end), there were a couple of bright spots.

Last week, my brother called me out of the blue. He’s not a phone guy, and I honestly thought he was probably calling to talk to me about our cousin’s funeral arrangements. That was only part of our conversation…

He and his girlfriend planned a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains this past weekend. I had known about that since they started planning it. What he called to tell me was that he had an engagement ring in his pocket, and he was asking if I minded having a new sister-in-law.


{Image courtesy of Surachai /}

My first thought was worrying that it was too soon. He’s been divorced since January 2012, and they started officially dating soon after. She and her son moved in with him in November. I worried then that her moving in was too soon…but they have known each other for years before she was even on my radar.

The truth is…she makes him so happy. And he deserves that after what he went through with his first wife. I won’t talk smack about my former sister-in-law here, other than to say his life is so much better without her in it. I’m glad she paved the way for him to meet such an amazing woman that he loves dearly, and for him to have the opportunity to share his life with a sweet little boy. (And I’d be lying if I said I’m not secretly hoping for a niece or a nephew down the road.)

I kept his secret for a whole week…even though I desperately wanted to tell everybody, because it was a spot of good news during a particularly difficult week for our family.

And then they called me Saturday morning, from their cabin in the mountains…so that I could say hello to my new sister-in-law to-be! Later in the day, they let me know that a picture had been posted on Facebook, with her arms casually draped around my brother’s shoulder, the gorgeous ring displayed perfectly…and their plan was to wait to see how long it took before someone noticed THE ROCK. It took all of 10 minutes…and then I couldn’t help myself, I shared the picture on my Facebook page sharing the good news.

Needless to say, I’m probably as happy as they are. Happy doesn’t even cover it…giddy, now that’s more like it!


4 thoughts on “Love is In the Air

    • I’m so excited for him! I don’t think he went into his first marriage with his eyes open, honestly. And she was not mature enough to be a wife. He loves kids, and I want a niece or nephew to spoil…but I was always so thankful they had no children, and he has zero ties to her now.

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