{WW 3/27} The Young Gardener

We are not a family of green thumbs. I was less than excited to see my daughter bring home this cup of dirt with a sprout…she claims it is a sunflower. I’m not so sure.

However…to keep her from completely drowning the little sprout, I suggested she water it this way. With a shot glass.

Don’t judge.

The Young Gardener

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9 thoughts on “{WW 3/27} The Young Gardener

  1. No judgment–the shot glass is just the right size for small hands, and contains just the right amount of water for the little plant. What can it be?

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  3. Great idea! My son has a small indoor garden and takes his watering job seriously. Might have to try the shot glass idea. I keep waiting for him to overflow the pots. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment.

    • She’s had a plant before and drowned it because she took it upon herself to water it…with a big glass full of water! This was the easiest thing I could think of, and so far it’s working!

  4. This reminds me of last spring, when my daughter came home with a “mystery” plant from preschool. Eventually it outgrew its cup and we planted it in our raised garden bed. Turns out it was a HUGE sunflower, one of the biggest I’ve seen and it kind of took over that section of the garden. It was definitely something!

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