Friday Favorites 3/29

This has been one long week! I’ve worked every night since Tuesday, and it was busy busy busy in Babyland. (I do believe there was a full moon this week. Coincidental? I think not.)

I’m still trying to get caught up my blog reading, but without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from this past week…

Favorite Blog Posts

~ Jen @ Buried With Children talked about her trouble with 2nd grade math homework…and as a math-phobic mom, I feel her pain.

~ Robyn Welling’s post for Scary Mommy had me rolling, and remembering exactly why you can’t trust your kids with a camera.

~ Amy @ Permission to Peruse shared how she and her daughters are teaching each other about modesty. As the mother of an 8 year old girl trying to grow up too fast, this hit home!

~ Adrienne @ The Mommy Mess wrote another post this week that really hit close to home for me, about being a better mom for her kids.


Favorite Pins

~ This wall color is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for…the perfect neutral!

~ Haven’t needed to do this in a while, but this pin gave some extra tips on how to trace cell phone numbers that I didn’t know. Never even occurred to me to search social media sites, honestly.

~ Tons of stay-at-home date night ideas! Definitely want to try some of these.

~ How to pack like a ninja…JB always complains that I don’t know how to pack “light”.


In case you missed it

~ Love is In The Air! My brother is engaged!

~ My First Kiss Went a Little Like This…this week’s Going Green post, about my very first kiss that wasn’t such a foot popping experience.

~ The Young Gardener…My darling Diva waters plants with a shot glass. And?

~ What’s For Dinner? A not so delicious look back at one of my earlier kitchen disasters.


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 3/29

  1. I really think that, the minute you’re pregnant, you should get a copy of a Lunar Calendar. After surviving about 15 weeks with Braxton Hicks with EACH CHILD, I can tell you, that whole moon thing (and barometric pressure thing) is the REAL DEAL. Sing it, sister!!

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