Puppy Love

It is said that you always remember your first love, first kiss, first relationship. My first boyfriend was in 3rd grade (the same age as my daughter now…shudder); my first kiss took place on a mini-golf course and was not the most pleasant experience; and I married my first love.

On the same day that my brother announced his engagement, my son announced that he has a girlfriend. This girl is on his track team, and I’m told the relationship started on the bus ride home from the track meet this weekend.

He spent one entire evening obtaining his new girlfriend’s cell phone number from another friend, composing the perfect first text to her (after letting his dad and me proofread it), freaking out because the friend gave him the wrong number, then he obsessively paced while he waited for his new girl to text him back once he got the right number. Once he’d finally talked to her, he made it “Facebook Official”.

Facebook Official

I was struck by how different middle school relationships are now than they were when I was that age.

We didn’t have cell phones, and Facebook was nonexistent. We passed notes with Check Yes or Check No boxes; notes that questioned “Do you like me?” On occasion, we got permission from our parents to call our boyfriend/girlfriend after finding their number in the archaic phone book, and you stuttered your way through an awkward conversation that sometimes included family members picking up the extension and embarrassing you to no end.

Check Yes or No

{image credit: Ava Moore, via igottatrythat, via Pinterest}

As I recall, we were usually satisfied with simply holding hands, maybe a kiss on the cheek. My son actually told me about a couple of 8th graders at the track meet that were hugging each other and making out during the rain delay. I was prudishly stunned.

My son is pretty much gaga over this little girl. I truly have never seen him like this, and while I think it’s sweet…I’m also laughing. He is finding out that having a girlfriend apparently makes him more attractive to other girls…one in particular is blowing up his phone with text messages. She wants to know what it is that he likes so much about his girlfriend? And she makes NO secret of the fact that she likes him too, and she doesn’t think they make a good couple. Oh, the drama.

Life and love were so much simpler back then. Le Sigh.

Do you remember your first puppy love?


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