Change…Is Good!

At long last, I began working normal day shift hours this week! After two years on the night shift, this is long overdue.

I suspect they took it a little easy on me yesterday, as I started off with the smallest assignment; and the managers kept making a point to find me throughout the day to ask if I was doing okay. It was actually a fairly slow day, and although I know it’s not the norm, I’m incredibly thankful for a smooth transition.

I was so nervous that I wouldn’t sleep well Sunday night, and miss my alarm Monday morning…making me late for my first shift. There goes that lovely anxiety rearing it’s ugly head again! But somehow, I woke up before my alarm even started ringing, and hopped right up out of bed to get ready. For anyone who knows me, and how much of a morning person I am NOT, you know that I simply do not just hop out of bed.

It’s been a long year, and I’ve mentioned my job changes a few times…all of them in search of trying to find some sort of comfortable balance in my work and my life. I’m incredibly excited about this change for several reasons.

Living on Normal Time

Obviously, the number one reason is that I’ll be on the same time as my family. It is extremely difficult to sleep all day most of the week, missing time with the people you love…and then either going to work or staying up all night long while they sleep. I used to complain about missing out on family activities years ago because of my job; but for the last two years, I’ve pretty much felt like I’m missing out on MY LIFE.

I’ve said it before…I’m not a night shift person. I knew this about myself before I ever started the job, but at that time the night shift worked for our family…it meant that someone was always at the house for the kids, and they weren’t hanging around in a daycare. Plus…we didn’t have the grandmothers as backup if I was at work and JB was traveling and couldn’t get to the daycare in time for pickup. That was a regular occurrence back home.

I already love being home at night to tuck my kids into bed, and be on the receiving end of their nighttime hugs and kisses. We have been able to have family dinners that aren’t a rush, and I was happy to read a book with my daughter and help my son study for a test last night. Little things…they are coming back in a big way.

Reclaiming My House

Since November 2011, my husband has worked from home. His booming voice can get pretty loud, yet he can’t stand for too much noise around him during his work day. Our house is small, and that means he gets pretty irritated with the kids if they are home from school, with Jackson constantly when he barks, and with me if I feel the urge to clean (which really doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should.) I can’t run a vacuum, or the steamer; deep cleaning the kitchen is usually out because it’s right next to where he’s working; and on his moody days, I’d probably be wise not to run the washer or dryer.

So, um…yeah. My house pretty much looks like a wreck most of the time lately.

JB spent much of the weekend moving his home office OUT of my living room, and into our spare room (where I’ve been spending my sleeping days.) He’s giving me back my big armoire where I once kept all my scrapbook and beading supplies…two hobbies that I haven’t touched in two years because I can’t easily get to all my stuff. Currently, he’s set up on his grandmother’s old sewing table and my cedar chest…but the man even got on Pinterest last night to check out DIY desks, and he’s got one in mind that he is just itching to build.

Never thought I’d say that I’m excited to clean my house. But I am. Ask me again in about two weeks…

Fixing Me

So I’ve said I am not a night shift person. I don’t function well at all without sleep. Sleeping during the day for me requires an extremely quiet room (which is why I use the spare room and not our master bedroom), black out curtains, and an air conditioner that makes a steady hum sound. And even then, it’s very likely for me to wake up multiple times a day, therefore spending my work nights being exhausted from the start. Let’s not even get into all the different medications I’ve tried to help me sleep. Nothing really works anymore.

Lack of sleep not only makes me cranky, but eventually physically exhausted. A lot of my off days I don’t get much done at all, because I just don’t have the energy for anything.

I don’t know how much of the way I feel most days is related to my crazy work hours, the lack of sleep, or my thyroid issues. It could be a combination of all three.

But now I’ll be sleeping in my own bed every night, and hopefully I’ll now be able to stop taking medication to make me sleep. I was inappropriately excited that after work yesterday, I dozed off while attempting to watch Duck Dynasty with my husband…and then I still managed to sleep all of last night. No PM meds, no antihistamines, no prescription sleep aids. Nada. Just me and my tired self. Woke up before my alarm again too. Winking smile

As you might have gathered, I’m just a little excited about this! But if you think I’m happy, you should really ask my husband and my children what they think…they are all pretty much over the moon.


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