Friday Favorites 4/12/13

It’s been a pretty busy week for me, starting my new DAY job and all! I’m still trying to get adjusted to sleeping and getting up in the mornings like a normal human being, and I’ve been getting home in the evenings and basically crashing. I’ve barely even opened up my laptop this week honestly, therefore I wasn’t able to get much reading done. (Or Pinning.*Gasp*.)

Favorite Blog Posts

~ Stefanie @ featured a post called You Know You have a GIRL If… When I read this post, it was like this woman lived in my house, because that’s pretty much what it’s like living with my glitter obsessed girly girl.

~ Dana @ Hypothyroid Mom…Looking for 300 Million Thyroid Sufferers Across the Globe. I only recently found this blog, but I’m so glad I did. I don’t regularly discuss it much, but I was diagnosed 3 years ago with hypothyroidism, and have been on medication for it ever since. However, for the last several months I have been questioning if I’m being treated correctly. I honestly cry when I read her extensive lists of symptoms…because I’ve had SO many of them for SO long (probably since before I had my daughter), and despite medication I STILL have a lot of them.

Favorite Pins

~ I set out the other day to find some new recipes…and discovered this Ranch BLT Pasta Salad. It was so so so good! The next time I make it, I plan to make a couple little changes here and there (based on my family’s recommendations!)

In case You Missed It

~ Puppy Love…My son has found himself in a relationship. He’s completely gaga over this little girl, and while I think it’s sweet…it breaks my heart a little to know there’s another girl in his.

~ Early Birthday Present…My birthday is next week, and my husband has already given me one of the best presents ever. Tickets to a Maroon 5 concert! Anyone who knows me that I’m pretty much in love with Adam Levine. Words couldn’t really do the night justice…so I just said it with pictures.

~ Change…Is Good! As I mentioned above, I finally started my day shift position. It’s been a good week so far, and I adore being home with my family at night.

~ Mom’s Not Fooled: School Nurse Calls and Faked Illnesses…My daughter had to be picked up from school this week because apparently she was “sick”. Personally, I think she was totally faking.


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