Instant Mortification

Last week, my in-laws visited…the primary reason being to stay with the kids while we were in Jacksonville.

The original plan was for them to arrive around noon Monday, so they could be here when the kids got home from school. They decided they haven’t been getting enough time with our children as of late, so they extended their stay by showing up Sunday afternoon. Not only that, but the possibility of two of my nephews tagging along was mentioned.

<rant> they complain about not having enough time with their grandchildren…and yet we’ve seen them once a month since December; but I have not seen my OWN family since well before  Christmas.</rant>

Consequently, I spent my entire weekend scrubbing my entire house from top to bottom…so that I could hopefully avoid any potential snide remarks about my questionable housekeeping skills from my mother-in-law.

Thankfully, my nephews stayed home. Not that I don’t want to see them, because I adore them, and I miss them very much. But the thought of my MIL being in my house without me there was nerve wracking enough (I was picturing her whipping out white gloves and checking how clean everything was). If my nephews had come with them…my house would be wrecked, my kids wouldn’t have wanted to go to bed on time, and they wouldn’t sleep well knowing their cousins were here. Not to mention, JACKSON would likely be up all night freaking out that there were NEW KIDS IN HIS HOME and he couldn’t play with them.




Anyhoo, since we were out of town, my in-laws were tasked with the responsibility of getting my children up and on their buses for school Tuesday morning. Apparently, they had little trouble getting my daughter going.

However, as soon as we got home Tuesday afternoon, my pre-teen son quickly complained that his grandparents had woken up a half hour too early (oh, the horror), and he had to sit and talk to them for 20 minutes before his bus arrived. The best part? As he was boarding his bus, he heard a couple kids laugh…he glanced out one of the windows, and saw his grandparents standing on our front porch.

In their pajamas.

With a camera.

Taking pictures of their 12 year old grandson getting on the bus like it was his first day of Kindergarten. I was actually embarassed for him.


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