Birthday Candles

I don’t suppose there are too many people who get in a funk about their birthday.

I do.

I can’t explain it…as a kid, of course, I looked forward to my birthday rolling around every year. Each passing year put me that much closer to getting a car, graduating, getting married, being a mother. I used to get excited about birthdays.

And then I hit my 30’s. And it feels like my life has been stuck on fast forward ever since. I didn’t mind my 30th birthday so much, because that was something of a milestone. 31, though? Anyone who knows me personally might remember that I went through something of a major mid life crisis about that time. 32 found me on the clueless side of a surprise birthday party thrown by husband…I suppose he was trying to make me enjoy the 18th of April again.

And tomorrow, I will officially be closer to 40 than 30. At what point do you start considering yourself to be in your late 30’s?

I wish I could stop time…keep my babies little…stop peering in the mirror every day lamenting new wrinkles and searching for random gray hairs. I guess the only one of those things I can actually do anything about would be the third one.

Be gentle with me, 36.



Image courtesy of Rawich / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


2 thoughts on “36

  1. I hear ya girl. I went to the froggy doctor earlier this week and was given a card for my first mammogram. (They recommend their patients ages 35 and older start getting screened.) That was a shocker for sure. Me, a mammogram. I wasn’t ready for that. Cheers to you, my fellow young bella. 🙂

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