I have no title today.

I feel just plain bad. I don’t know if its just a summer cold what, but its about to kick my tail. I talked to my brother this morning, he’s got something similar going on too. Hmm.

Despite all that, I had several things I needed to get done today. Yesterday’s job was cleaning out the hall closet. If you would have seen all the junk that we have accumulated in that one closet over the 5+ years that we have been in this house, you would understand why I call it a job. Took the better part of the day.

Today’s job was tackling my daughter’s tornado disaster of a bedroom. She has a tendency to fling stuff off shelves and let everything congregate in the smack dab middle of the room, and we can barely even make it to her bed a lot of days. So now her room is clean. I also organized her closet, well, mostly just the clothes…because it had gotten to the point where she wore the same stuff all the time because we would forget about things that were in there. Even after I pulled out stuff that she can no longer wear, her double doored closet is still FULL of clothes, a lot of which I forgot she even had!

After that I had to go into town to get two birthday gifts, a housewarming gift, and groceries. That took the rest of the afternoon. I did manage to find a bedding set for my son to go ahead and get a jump on his room makeover. He wants it to be a Georgia Bulldogs room, so he now has the comforter, sheets, and the pop-up hamper for it.

Now I’m going to settle in to finish watching the Olympics opening ceremony and sniff and sneeze myself silly.


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