Water, Water, Everywhere

This past weekend has been full of rain, potential flooding, and discomfort.

It started raining Friday. It was looking all gloom and doom when we got to my dermatologist’s office that morning, but when we were leaving, the bottom essentially fell out of the sky. There were numerous tornado warnings throughout the day. The rain really didn’t let up much at all that day.

The rain continued into Saturday…complete with really nasty thunderstorms, hail, and major wind. By that afternoon, we ventured out for a short time to make an appearance at my uncle’s birthday dinner. It was a scary trip, since there was standing water in many areas of the road, and lots of irrigation ponds had seriously overflowed. There was water in places where there ain’t never been water before!

Sunday was beautiful, the sun was shining, it was a warm spring day. Today was also a beautiful day…thank goodness, since I had to send the kids out to ride bikes and such to have a few moments of peace today. I kept the windows open much of the day too.

The rest of this week, weather wise is gonna suck. The rain is supposed to come back tomorrow, and is predicted to last until Thursday. Let’s just say this is not a good thing at all, since many places haven’t completely dried up yet…and I have to work the next three days, in a very flood prone city.

Now what’s that about discomfort? Oh, those would be the gaping holes I have in my skin from Friday’s mole removal. Okay, okay, so they aren’t gaping holes…but dayum! I can’t even tell that one of the places is even there, except that occasionally the bandage catches on my clothes. The other one? Holy crap. It hurts like a mutha. It doesn’t help much that I seem to have had a reaction to the bandage adhesive there, and I think that’s aggravating the problem. I started getting nervous because I ran a low grade temp Saturday night and Sunday morning, but I suppose it’s alright now. It doesn’t hurt quite as much, but I definitely know that area is there.


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